Biduum Latinum Virginianum

Biduum Latinum Virginianum 2017

SALVI (Septentrionale Americanum Latinitatis Vivae Institutum, or North American Institute for Living Latin Studies) proudly presents the fifth annual Biduum Latinum Virginianum, a full-immersion Latin weekend workshop. A restorative three-day event at Claymont Mansion, Biduum allows participants to experience a sort of "mini-Rusticatio."

Still here in Biduum from Rusticatio:

The event serves two groups simultaneously: It offers a mid-year “fix” of immersion Latin at Claymont for Rusticatio alumni. And it gives not-yet-alumni (☺) a weekend—not a full week—of immersion Latin. You can get a taste during the Biduum, and then come back for more in the summer at Rusticatio!

Program Dates: February 24-26, 2017. (Arrival: Friday, February 24, between 3 and 6 p.m.; Departure: Sunday, February 26, between noon and 3 p.m.)

Eligibility: You are eligible to attend this workshop if you have already learned Latin on paper and are interested in developing active command of the spoken language. Please note that Biduum is not an introductory Latin course and thus it is not for people who have no knowledge of the language. Typically, participants have completed, at a minimum, the equivalent of two years of traditional college Latin or four years of a high school Latin program. It is not necessary to have previous experience speaking Latin.

Location: We reside and conduct our workshop sessions in the historic mansion house on the Claymont Estate. Built in the 1830s by a nephew of George Washington, the Claymont Mansion remained in the Washington family until the Civil War.

Cost: $330 per person, all-inclusive, covering tuition, room, full board, and instructional materials. Transportation to and from Claymont is not included. Once admitted as a participant, you may pay for Biduum Latinum Virginianum through PayPal using the "Buy Now" button below or by sending a check payable to SALVI to:

Edie Barry
Treasurer, SALVI
1409 Lorraine Way
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Biduum Latinum Virginianum Head Instructor:

Justin Slocum Bailey is a gleeful and innovative Latin teacher and teacher-trainer. Having discovered the power and delight of Latin-speaking at Rusticatio Virginiana in 2008, he has served on the SALVI board since 2011 and is coordinator of the Latin Listening Project and co-host of the Quomodo Dicitur? Podcast. In his day job as an educational consultant and speaker, Justin helps schools, districts, publishers, software developers, travel companies, and non-profits increase learners' and teachers' joy and success in the language learning process.

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1409 Lorraine Way
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