Pedagogy Rusticatio

Pedagogy Rusticatio 2016: Teaching Latin With the Rassias Method®

If you are seeking to create a dynamic, student-centered classroom in which your students are actively using and mastering the Latin language, join us this summer for Pedagogy Rusticatio! This summer, SALVI will partner with the Dartmouth College Rassias Center to provide intensive instruction, training, and guided practice in the Rassias Method®, a proven approach that will have your students truly, actively using the Latin language from the first day of class. After a lively, supportive five-day workshop, participants will return to their classrooms equipped with a highly effective, dynamic approach to language learning and an array of techniques that can be applied immediately in classes of every level, regardless of current classroom routines or methodological approach.

The Rassias Method was developed by Dr. John Rassias as he trained Peace Corps volunteers in the 1960's. The Method is a well-established and effective approach that has been in use in over 800 schools and colleges worldwide. The Method can be best described as a set of ideas and attitudes toward the language-learning and teaching enterprise, combined with structured activities that place the student at the center of a dynamic classroom environment. The goal of the Method is to make the participant feel comfortable and natural with the target language in a short period of time. As the Rassias Center's mission states, "The excitement and the power of being able to communicate, even at a basic level, is the heart of the Rassias Method."

For those looking to take their first steps into the world of active Latin, this year's Pedagogy Rusticatio offers a unique opportunity to bring communicative Latin to their students. The Method emphasizes spoken communication, but the activities are highly structured so that they can be successfully applied by Latin teachers who are themselves learning to speak the language. Many of the activities are also short enough to be integrated into pre-existing classroom routines founded on other methodologies. The Rassias Method can enhance all types of classrooms, even those that currently do not emphasize spoken Latin.

Prior experience speaking Latin is a plus, but is not necessary for this event. Those without prior experience speaking Latin are strongly encouraged to also attend Rusticatio Tironum.

Helene Rassias-Miles, Executive Director of the Rassias Center, will be our distinguished guest presenter for this year's Pedagogy Rusticatio. Helene develops programs, conducts workshops, and performs consulting services for colleges, high schools, non-profits, and corporations both in the US and abroad.

Dr. Nancy Llewellyn, founder of SALVI and longtime practitioner of the Rassias Method, will serve as our Latin-speaking presenter. She is a seven-time alumna of the Rassias Method workshop, and her experiences at the Rassias Center have served as the foundation and starting point for her own approach to teaching Latin. Those who have seen Dr. Llewellyn in the classroom or at Rusticatio have experienced first-hand the joyful energy and effectiveness of the Rassias Method.

Program Dates:

July 13-17, 2016
ARRIVAL: Wednesday, July 13, 3:00–6:00
DEPARTURE: Sunday, July 17, 12:00–3:00

Location: We will reside and conduct our workshop sessions in the historic mansion house on the Claymont Estate near Charles Town, West Virginia. Built in the 1830s by a nephew of George Washington, the Claymont Mansion remained in the Washington family until the Civil War.

Age Eligibility: Participants must be 18 years old and have graduated from high school by the start date of the program.

Cost: Tuition for Pedagogy Rusticatio 2016 is $850. The price includes housing as well as all food and beverages, including wine, but not transportation to or from Claymont Estate. All it takes to reserve your spot is a $100 fully-refundable deposit and completion of the online application below. Your deposit will be refunded to you, should your plans change for any reason, as long as you let us know no later than June 1, 2016. Even once you've paid in full, 100% of your payment is refundable if you cancel by June 1, 2016. You may pay for Pedagogy Rusticatio through PayPal using the button below, or by sending a check payable to SALVI to the provided address.

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