Septimana Virginiana

Septimana Virginiana

Septimana Virginiana, based at the beautiful Claymont Mansion in Charles Town, WV, is a full-immersion workshop offering thought-provoking discussions, readings from Latin literature, Latin composition exercises, communal meals (most of which are included in the price), and informative lectures given by expert Latin speakers on a variety of topics. Participants will also enjoy guided tours, given in Latin, to a variety of sights in the area.

Program Dates: TBA

Location: We will reside and conduct our workshop sessions in the historic mansion house on the Claymont Estate near Charles Town, West Virginia. Built in the 1830s by a nephew of George Washington, the Claymont Mansion remained in the Washington family until the Civil War. The program will also exclude several excursions to nearby points of interest.

Eligibility: It is strongly recommended that participants have some previous experience speaking Latin and are ready to hone their active command of the language. If you are unsure of whether Septimana Virginiana is for you, please explore the summer program comparison chart.

Age Eligibility: Participants must be at least 18 years of age and have graduated from high school by the start of Septimana Virginiana.

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