Rusticatio 2011, July 9-16

Applications for the 2011 Rusticatio are now being accepted

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Rusticatio is a week-long, full-immersion Latin workshop offering high-energy conversation exercises and readings from Latin literature. SALVI has been running its popular Rusticationes since 1999, first in California and now in Charles Town, West Virginia.

"...[T]his course opened a whole new world of Latin study, and it really drove home the realization that the Romans were living, vibrant people, not just soldiers and aqueduct builders..."

"The Rusticatio was exactly what I hoped it would be: a week of speaking 'tantum Latine' in a very nurturing atmosphere...I'm thrilled at the fact that we really did speak Latin the whole time!"

"This is the single most useful experience in all my study of the Latin language. Not just the invaluable knowledge I received, but the cognizance that I'm not alone, or weird, for wanting to use this language communicatively."

"An incredible experience with a community of learners of a variety of ages and backgrounds."


Emily "Aurelia" Lewis

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Dean "Decanus" Cassella

Latin Lives ... Literally!

Almost twenty years ago, I asked my first Latin teacher when I would be able to speak Latin. Laughing, he sardonically replied: "Not for a long time." Year after year went by for me as an undergraduate, master's student and finally a doctoral student in Classics. Despite having read several thousand pages of Latin literature, and having taught the language professionally for years, that magical moment that I had been waiting for, the Latin conversation, never reared its lovely head.

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