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SALVI in the past twenty years has gone from a handful of teachers looking to revive interest in Latin to a group of hundreds of alumni and volunteers who are currently transforming the way Latin is studied and taught. SALVI began with a single program (Rusticatio Californiana) but now boasts seven programs across the country, has partnered with organizations like the Claymont Society and the Getty Villa, and has sent pioneering teachers to bring the SALVI model to Europe and Africa. Your donations help us expand our programming, keep tuition costs low, establish scholarships, and continue SALVI's work of Latin for the Living. Paypal also allows monthly, recurring donations - even as little as $5 or $10 a month can make a difference. SALVI is a registered 501c3 not-for-profit organization, and all donations are tax-deductible.

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Edie Barry

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What People Are Saying About SALVI Programs:

“All people that want the classical languages to survive should really be doing these kinds of courses.”

“The people I was with made it feel like a vacation with friends, not like it was a summer course in school. There’s nothing better than being around people who are doing something that they (and you) are passionate about.”

“This program has totally rekindled my love of the Latin language.”

“Everyone who has even the smallest interest in learning to speak the Latin language should experience a week of Rusticatio. The amount one learns in a single week here is immeasurable. The teachers and participants are extremely encouraging and patient.”

“I spent many years studying Latin and now almost the same number teaching. Within the last few years, I really became discontented teaching Latin. For this reason, I spent time learning Italian to the point where I could teach it, because I grew weary of teaching the same worn things in the class. I wanted to be able to enjoy being in another language and this was not possible for me in Latin. This year, I attended a Biduum and now Rusticatio. I feel so much more connected to Latin than I have in 15 years. For me, Latin was a medium through which I enjoyed spending time with dear friends. This was lost for me, but I am confident that I am on the road to finding this joy again. These experiences have been seminal in the process.”

“The amount of care, thought, hilarity, erudition, and effort with which everyone in SALVI and Claymont work is incomparable."

“Living in a Latine tantum environment helps one exponentially in his/her command of the language.”

“You don’t realize what a total mind-body experience being immersed in a language will be – it sounds melodramatic but is nonetheless true.”

“Terrific experience. Being immersed was hugely helpful in making Latin part of me, not just something I study.”

“There is no professional development more useful to teachers of Latin. The experience is profound and superlatively useful and applicable.”

“It is wonderful to have someone [Justin Bailey] who not only speaks such amazing Latin but is also first and foremost a gifted teacher/leader/mentor. I now have a lot of new ideas for making my classes more varied – I saw so many new activities that I can adapt for my own purposes.”

“Anyone who knows Latin should come to at least one Rusticatio.”

“An unforgettable experience which put me in the shoes of my students and really made Latin a part of me. It truly made Latin click and brought it to life. Rusticatio is an event filled with inspiration, love, friendship, and learning.”

“The practice that you’ll get speaking in and listening to Latin will be invaluable. And just as importantly you will meet many amazing people who love Latin as much as you, and you’ll have great fun and eat great food all week.”

“It’s like a spiritual retreat for people who love Latin.”

“It felt like a giant Latin-speaking family. I loved it.”

“Locus amoenissimus in quo Latinitas resnascitur crescitque.”

“I will most definitely be coming back. I’m actually sad about leaving. Everyone is amazing, patient, and overall loving. I have never laughed so much with the same people for seven days straight before.”

“My expectations were very high, and it met all of them perfectly – to have community, to speak Latin, and to learn so much in a place of beauty.”

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1409 Lorraine Way
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